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My personal skincare type is sensitive and this is also my personal favorite face mask!

What I love the most about this clay mask is that it is effective and gentle. The mask contains a compilation of exotic ingredients, such as French Pink Clay and French Yellow Clay. My personal favorite ingredients are hibiscus and rosehip, which are both very healing to the skin.

The Vegan Beauty Collective | July 2018

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Influencer Shermeen Amin Has An Eye For Instagram And A Penchant For Beauty Products

What are a few brands you are crushing on right now?

Svati Organics, which [was at] Indie Beauty Expo Dallas. Their Bare Body Butter is really taking care of my eczema. The inflammation is totally gone from using this, and that’s how you know it’s good.

Beauty Independent | June 2018

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I am so excited I can’t stand it to finally get to this brand. I had many favorites (as you can already see) at IBE Dallas and Svati Organics was without a doubt near the top. The founder, Lindsay, was delightful and beyond helpful. So much so, I purchased a serum on the spot. I couldn’t not buy from her. We also received a wonderful box of samples in our goody bag, which included the Purify Facial Cleanser. This has been my first experience using a cleansing oil, but it won’t be the last. When I re-purchase my serum, I am for sure adding a bottle of this.


The best part about Svati and Lindsay is a genuine belief in empowering women, therefore a portion of proceeds go to Homes of Hope Orphanages in India to help send girls to school. And we love that.


I don’t want to use retinol/acids every night. Some people do and that’s awesome if it works for them. I don’t even know what my skin would do, but I have occasional psoriasis, so no need to even attempt irritation. Therefore, I rotate with Svati’s Renew Hydrating Facial Serum, the item I purchased at IBE Dallas per Lindsay’s recommendation. It provides some of the same benefits as Luna and Good Genes, but with all natural ingredients. I just started this rotation about a week ago, but am having amazing results.

Don't Say Should | May 2018

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Brianne’s Favorite Natural Beauty Products: Spring 2018

Svati Organics Purify Facial Cleanser

The fragrance alone is enough to get you hooked. Inhaling a potpourri of green tea, pumpkin seed, lavender, frankincense, and a few more alluring ingredients is such a calming way to start or end your day.


Svati Organics Balance Soothing Facial Serum 

Of all of the serums I have tried in the last year, I have fallen in love with this one the most. This lightweight, non-greasy formula was ideal for keeping my blemishes at bay during the cold, dry winter. The formula of rosehip, watermelon seed, jojoba, black cumin, red raspberry, and more made for an intoxicating fragrance that made me look forward to my skincare routine.

Viva Glam Magazine | May 2018

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Indie Beauty Expo Dallas 2018: Exclusive Trend Report


In this day and age where people are choosing dignity over degradation, eczema and psoriasis are the latest conditions to come out from behind walls of shame. No one needs to hide behind scaly skin, and IBE Dallas beauty brands are acknowledging uncomfortable skin ailments while soothing them.


Svati Organics: Lindsay Wolf, founder of Svati Organics, has firsthand knowledge of eczema. After the birth of her son, hormonal fluctuations caused eczema flare-ups on Wolf’s skin. To calm the itchy patches on her face, Wolf formulated the facial serum Balance, an anti-inflammatory blend of black cumin seed, karanja oil, cape chamomile, and thyme linalool. Svati Organics’s assortment also features the product Bare Body Butter to address eczema on the body. It has coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, lavender extract and vitamin E, among other ingredients.

Beauty Independent | May 2018

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12 Skincare Brands That Feature Hero Ingredients From Around the World

After a trip to Southern India, the founder of Svati Organics decided to create this skincare line to help empower women worldwide. Every product is formulated with high-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients that support women’s cooperatives and fair trade initiatives.


Products We Love: Purify Facial Cleanser; Balance Soothing Facial Serum

Viva Glam Magazine | April 2018 

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I'm pretty sure the cure to everything is a good face mask. Well, this face mask didn't disappoint! My skin is always dry and I didn't know what to expect from this mask. What I got was extremely hydrated skin that gave me that youthful look I effortlessly had in my early twenties. Yup, I'm sold! It is called Radiant for a reason. Svati Organics is a new non-toxic line I discovered at the Indie Beauty Expo last month. It's owned by a single mom and was inspired by her trip to India. 5% of the brand's profits are donated to send orphaned girls in India to school. 

Adri Lately | February 2018

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10 Standout Trends From Indie Beauty Expo’s 2018 Los Angeles Edition


Tumeric turned the beauty market into the power of ingredients traditionally used in cooking. Brand founders have moved beyond turmeric to integrate a bevy of spices and herbs that they’re accustomed to eating into beauty solutions.

Clinical aromatherapist Lindsay Wolf founded Svati to support Southern India by producing formulas with ingredients indigenous to the area and devoting a portion of the line’s proceeds to causes tied to it. The brand’s lightweight body serum depends on ingredients such as green tea and cardamom to rev up circulation and ward off signs of aging. In addition, Svati employs other ingredients consumers might find on their plates such as watermelon, pumpkin and coriander.

Beauty Independent | January 2018

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